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What Do We Need to Know About Induction Heating?

1. The principle of induction heating

The workpiece is put into the inductor, which is generally a hollow copper tube with medium or high frequency alternating current input (300 to 300000Hz or higher). Generate alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce the same frequency of induction current. The distribution of this induction current in the workpiece is not uniform: strong on the surface, but very weak in the internal, and close to 0 to the heart of it. With this skin effect, the workpiece surface can be rapidly heated, and the surface temperature rises to 800 to 1000 ℃ in a few seconds, while the temperature rise of the heart is very small.

2. The selection of induction heating frequency

Select the frequency according to the requirements of heat treatment and heating depth, the higher the frequency the shallower the heating depth.

High frequency (10kHz or more) heating depth of 0.5 to 2.5mm, generally used for the heating of small and medium-sized parts, such as small modulus gears and small and medium shaft parts.

Medium frequency (1 to 10kHz) heating depth of 2 to 10mm, generally used for the heating of large diameter shafts and large and medium modulus gears.

Industrial frequency (50Hz) heating hardened layer depth of 10 to 20mm, generally used for the surface quenching of larger size parts of the heat transfer, large diameter parts (diameter 300mm or more, such as rolls).

3. The advantages of induction heating

(1) No overall heating, small deformation of the workpiece, small power consumption.

(2) No pollution.

(3) Fast heating speed, the oxidation decarburization of workpiece surface is light.

(4) Surface hardening layer can be adjusted according to needs, easy to control.

(5) Induction heating equipment can be installed in the mechanical processing line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage, and can reduce transportation, save manpower and improve production efficiency.

(6) The martensite organization of hardened layer is fine, and its hardness, strength, toughness are higher.

(7) After surface quenching, the surface of the workpiece has greater internal compressive stress, and the fatigue fracture resistance of the workpiece is high.

4. Future characteristics of induction heating equipment

With the improvement of automatic control degree of induction heat treatment production line and high reliability of power supply, it is necessary to strengthen the development of complete set of heating process equipment.

At the same time, induction heating system is developing in the direction of intelligent control. The induction heating power system with computer intelligent interface, remote control and automatic fault diagnosis, miniaturization, high efficiency and energy saving and other control properties, which is suitable for field work is becoming the future development target.

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