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Induction Wire And Cable Heating

In the production of steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, and steel or copper spring rods, different heat treatment processes are used, such as wire drawing, tempering after production, quenching heat treatment in special requirements, induction annealing before use as raw material, etc. There are a lot of requests right now about online heating with fast speed, different temperature range, accurate power output, and temperature control on small diameter wires; thus, a precision heating method is a must. Having the advantage of high degree of automation operation (including the flexible setting of time, temperature, power), JKZ's induction heating device is found to be very suitable for completing the heat treatment of wires and cables. Capable of accepting remote control of start/stop, completing power adjustment, working 24 hours/day, conducting fast power output, and making fast machine shutdown according to the temperature control signal, our induction heating products can easily meet various requirements of the current wire and cable heating. 

Induction Heating Machines For Induction Wire And Cable Heating

Induction Heating Machines For Induction Wire And Cable Heating

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