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Induction Heating Machines In Oil And Gas

JKZ induction heater has also been widely used in the oil and gas industry. In the situations like pipeline laying process, the application of pre-weld heat treatment, post-weld heat treatment, oil pipeline insulation, and brazing of various drill bit carbides, you can always find the existence of oil and pipelines induction heating. The place where the induction equipment appears most frequently, especially in the heat treatment of welding, is the working field where the water source is far away and the equipment that has high flexibility and convenient heating is needed. To achieve better oil and pipelines induction, JKZ has developed a special air-cooled equipment in accordance with the customer's application scenarios, so as to prevent the problem of the traditional equipment requiring water cooling from happening. Moreover, the sensor of our air-cooled heater is designed with a flexible cable that can be wound around pipes of different diameters; thus, ther air-cooled induction heater produced by JKZ has now gradually become one of the most popular products among our customers. Designed to meet the requirements of long holding time, JKZ's induction heating machine for oil and gas industries uses advanced software control and preset heating curve. You can easily conduct a heating process of several hours just with a single finger operation.

Advantages of Induction Heating in Oil and Gas

Energy saving

Reduce processing time

Temperature control

Control and local heating

Potential as an integrated assembly line

No physical contact

Improve the working environment

Heater In Oil And Gas Industry

How Induction Heating is used in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Drilling tools-brazing and disassembling carbide blades

Adhesive curing and coating repair of oil and gas pipelines and steel pipes

Induction heating for pipe bending or forming

Heat treatment and hardening of shafts and tube ends

Used for induction preheating of welded steel pipes on drilling rigs and pipelines

Preheating and stress relief of welding seams of oil tanks or drilling rigs

Pedestal heating for biomass processing for biofuel production

Oil And Pipelines Induction

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  • SWP-LT 6KHz-10KHz Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine SWP-LT SWP series are JKZ's newly designed and manufactured induction heating power supplies. The LT version of SWP series equipment uses IGBT as the core component. The equipment frequency range of 6~10...
  • MFS-400A 1-8KHZ 400KW 610A Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine MFS-400A MFS series induction heating power supply adopts IGBT as the core component. The output frequency of the equipment is 1~10KHz, and the single machine power is up to 600kw (3Phases~380v).It is suitable...

Other Induction Heating Applied Industries

  • Induction Heating Machines In Railway Railway The railway industry has a very large demand for induction heating equipment, from small to spikes, rail casting and drawing, and the head/carriage.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Carbide Production Carbide Production Hard alloy carbide is an important raw material for cutter heads. Induction heating equipment can braze or conduct hot clamping of the cutter head.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Aviation And Aerospace Aviation And Aerospace Aviation and aerospace are manifestations of high standard industrial capabilities. Induction heating equipment has a lot of applications in this field.