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Chengdu JKZ Induction Heating Machine
Chengdu JKZ Induction Heating Machine
More than 20 years focused on the design and production of IGBT induction heater machine supplies.
Chengdu JKZ Electronics
Chengdu JKZ Electronics
More than 20 years focused on the design and production of IGBT induction heating power supplies.
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Chengdu Jinkezhi Electronic Co., Ltd is a scientific and technological induction heating machine manufacturer. We are professionally engaged in producing full solid-state induction heating machines with high frequency, supersonic frequency and medium frequency. 

Established in 1993, JKZ has nearly 30 years of rich experience in manufacturing induction heater. As a mature induction heating machine manufacturer in China, JKZ Induction Heating has already established our own system of induction heating machine R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale service. Our induction heating machines are widely used in welding, hot forging, hardening, melting, heat treating, etc.


Based on more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintenance for induction heating equipment, JKZ Induction Heating can provide you a complete induction heating equipment experience service. Our service staff will give customers a full response immediately, and meet the customer's various needs for induction heating equipment.

Consultation service
JKZ Induction Heating engineers team provide reasonable solutions based on the actual induction heater products, productivity, and installation layout of the customer's factory, and provide customized induction heater according to specific applications.
Production process
JKZ Induction Heating produces induction heating machines according to customer requirements and updates the production schedule at any time. We provides pictures and test videos to customers for acceptance of induction heating equipment, we can also assist our customers in completing transportation, customs clearance and other matters.
After sales service
JKZ Induction Heating provides customers with installation layout diagrams, electrical diagrams, water and electricity installation requirements according to their needs. We also provide customers with induction heating equipment operation online and on-site training. Fault diagnosis and maintenance services are also available at JKZ Induction Heating.