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Induction Heating Machines In Shrink Fitting

Hot nesting is a process that is used in many industries. It especially has many applications in bearing manufacturing, shaft workpieces installation and fixation, and even the replacement of cutter heads for CNC tools, hot assembly, and hot disassembly. In the industrial mechanical manufacturing process, it is often necessary to assemble and disassemble other metal accessories on the shaft/sleeves workpiece. These accessories are generally assembled and disassembled by thermal expansion, such as the installation and disassemble of bearings, shafts, sleeves, tubes, hard alloy parts and the hot fitting of CNC machine tool heads, etc. The unique precision heating effect of induction heating equipment provides an excellent solution for the hot fitting process. The induction heating machine coil can be designed exactly according to the various metal workpiece shape and dimension. Moreover, the induction heating generator can also accurately control the output power in accordance with different heating speed needs. It allows the heating to be exactly focusing on the target heating zone. Because of the special features of the induction heating, more and more factories are now starting to use induction heating technology as a means of installation and disassembly. Induction heating equipment can quickly and conveniently heat the target area required by customers.


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  • SWS-65A 15-30KHZ 65KW 100A Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine SWS-65A SWS series induction heater, JKZ designed a full digital control induction heating generator at the frequency range of 15~30KHz. It is designed with a maximum single machine power of 250KW and integra...
  • CX2030C 50-120KHZ 30KVA 23A High Frequency Induction Heating Machine CX2030C CX series full solid state induction heating generator is designed to work at the frequency range of 50~120KHz and output power range 7.5KW~30KW. It is suitable for brazing and quenching heating of sm...
  • MFS-400A 1-8KHZ 400KW 610A Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine MFS-400A MFS series induction heating power supply adopts IGBT as the core component. The output frequency of the equipment is 1~10KHz, and the single machine power is up to 600kw (3Phases~380v).It is suitable...

Other Induction Heating Applied Industries

  • Induction Heating Machines In Oil And Gas Oil And Gas Induction heating equipment can be used in the petroleum industry. It adopts software control and presets the heating curve.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Jewelry And Minting Jewelry And Minting More and more industries are increasingly demanding industry-specific induction heating equipment.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Shipbuilding Shipbuilding The shipbuilding industry contains parts and modules that will use hot forging, such as anchor chain hot forming, surface heat treatment, etc.