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Induction Heating Machines In Jewelry And Minting

With the popularity of small induction heating equipment in the market, more and more industries are increasingly demanding industry-specific induction heating equipment. The induction heating equipment can be installed with induction coils to directly heat the crucible, thereby realizing the smelting of precious metals; it can also be used with an automatic dumping furnace with a larger smelting capacity, which is more suitable for production lines and has a high degree of automation. With the advantages of small installation space, environment protection, electricity-saving and easy maintenance, the industry-specific CF series products JKZ designs is exclusive equipment in the jewellery industry and gold mining. It can customize the original materials for the gold melting. Capable of effectively melting precious metals as gold and silver, JKZ's CF series is also highly professional, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and convenient. Hence, if you are still looking for a gold melting furnace, our CF series equipment can be your best choice.

Induction Heating Machines For Jewelry And Minting


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  • SWS-65A 15-30KHZ 65KW 100A Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine SWS-65A SWS series induction heater, JKZ designed a full digital control induction heating generator at the frequency range of 15~30KHz. It is designed with a maximum single machine power of 250KW and integra...
  • CX2020A 50-120KHZ 20KVA 45A High Frequency Induction Heating Machine CX2020A CX series full solid state induction heating generator is designed to work at the frequency range of 50~120KHz and output power range 7.5KW~30KW. It is suitable for brazing and quenching heating of sm...
  • MFS-400A 1-8KHZ 400KW 610A Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine MFS-400A MFS series induction heating power supply adopts IGBT as the core component. The output frequency of the equipment is 1~10KHz, and the single machine power is up to 600kw (3Phases~380v).It is suitable...

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