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Principles To Be Followed In The Manufacture Of Induction Heating Machine

With the trend of the industrial production request refined and intelligent in heating, induction heating machine is constantly being updated in the large-scale use. Not only the core components are constantly being upgraded, but the product design should also be based on some actual conditions. It needs to be updated and iterated. In the medium frequency and ultrasonic frequency series, the core devices should use mainstream IGBT as the converter, while in the high-frequency series, attention should be paid to the design of MOSFET as the converter.

Large Capacity of Induction Heating Power Supplies

According to the heating job and the demand of the output, the power capacity of the power supply can range from several hundred KVA and thousands KVA. Ways to expand the capacity of induction heating power supplies can be divided into three categories: one is to increase the capacity of a single power machine, the other is to connect machines in series, and the other is to expand the capacity of induction heating power supplies in parallel.

High Frequency Induction Heating

As the application of induction heating continues to expand to various fields, the frequency requirements are getting higher and higher. The higher the heating frequency, the more concentrated the power density and the shallower the surface heating depth. In order to increase the frequency, We should choose power semiconductor devices with high operating frequency. MOSFET, IGBT induction heater, adopt soft switching technology to improve working frequency. The high frequency of the induction heating power supply is effected by the lost of the switching device. The soft-switching technology enables the device to switch under zero-current or zero-voltage state, and no voltage and current overlap phenomenon occurs when the power device is turned on or off, which greatly reduces the switching loss.

Intelligent-smart Semiconductor Modules

The choice of smart semiconductor modules is the basis for realization of intelligence, such as a smart module,which integrating drive, protection, and intelligence. The use of digital processing technology is the core of realization of intelligence. The use of a control chip with DSP as the core can realize multiple functions. Such as PWM generation, digital phase-locked loop tracking, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, phase and over-temperature, water shortage protection, etc.

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