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Analysis of the Working Principle of High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The principle of high frequency induction heating machine

It uses its high frequency wave of high current flow to be wound into a ring state or the required shape of the heating induction coil, and high frequency induction is usually made of red copper hollow tube.

The high frequency induction coil instantaneously changes the polarity of the powerful magnetic beam, and the metal to be heat treated is placed inside the high frequency coil, and the magnetic beam passes through the entire heated metal object.

The corresponding strong eddy current occurs inside the induction heated object in the opposite direction of the induction heating current of the high frequency machine. Because of the resistance in the metal that is inductively heated, there is the occurrence of strong Joule heat energy, and the temperature of inductively heated object rises rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of heat treatment.

The advantages of high frequency induction heating machine compared to traditional equipment

Under the same conditions, the high frequency induction heating machine has 50% energy saving than the traditional high cycle electron tube heating equipment, with no high cycle radiation, no high cycle interference. It reduces the power load and increases power capacity, with 100% full load design. The high frequency induction heating machine can work continuously twenty-four hours without interruption.

High frequency induction heating machine, with automatic heating, insulation, cooling and three time function setting, has greatly improved the heating quality, with simplified manual operation.

High frequency induction heating machine can be selected according to the power and frequency. The higher the high frequency, the shallower the heating depth; the lower the high frequency, the better the heat permeability. Induction heating machine supports automatic 120KHZ high frequency frequency tracking.

When an alternating current flows to a conductor (usually a copper tube) that is curled into a ring, a magnetic beam is generated, and when the metal is placed in it, the magnetic beam passes through the metal body, and a nest current (rotating current) is induced in the direction of the magnetic beam, and at this time, the temperature rises due to the Joule heat (1 square R) generated by the resistance in the metal.

As a result, the object to be heated such as metal can be heated in a non-contact state. Heat generation has Joule heat and heat generated by hysteresis loss, but mainly caused by Joule heat.

The use of high frequency induction heating machine equipment

  • The equipment can be used when connected to electricity and water.

  • Place the workpiece to be welded in the heating coil.

  • Step on the foot switch or start the panel start button.

  • When the equipment starts to work, wait for the heating temperature of workpiece to rise to the required temperature and then add the solder.

  • Press the panel stop button or release the foot switch after the welding process is completed.

  • The whole process is completed.

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