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Induction Heating Machines In Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical and chemical fields, heating is a common process.  But because of the manufacturing process requirements, the environment or method of heating is limited, such as long pipeline heating, anti-open flame, explosion-proof, etc. Thus, it is usually really difficult for technicians to reduce the cost of equipment. However, with the advantages of no open flame, accurate temperature control, and rapid heating speed, JKZ's induction heating inverter is now found to be capable of greatly helping the industry to solve the demands for high-demand heating sources. The chemical and pharmaceutical fields usually have strict requirements on temperature control and heating time. The precise power control system of our induction heating equipment can easily achieve fast-start and stop, and its remote control operation mode is also very suitable for this industry. In addition, the container of the chemical raw materials is usually large or irregular in size, and the coil of the induction heating device can be made into a flexible cable, which can be wound according to the shape so as to ensure the uniformity of the heating temperature. Thus, featured with a great many advantages, induction heating equipment has become more and more popular in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Induction Heating Machines For Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry


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Other Induction Heating Applied Industries

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