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Spring Heating

Coil springs or leaf springs are made by thermal deformation of steel profiles. Because of the characteristics of spring steel, there are certain requirements for heating temperature and time during the heating process. Except the preheating before rolling into spring coils or forging press into leaf springs, there are also other requests of different heat treatment, such as spring rod wire annealing, and steel panel surface hardening. Having the characteristics of rapid heating, fast shut down, accurate power output control, and varies frequency ranges, JKZ Electronic's induction heating power supply is very suitable for thermal deformation heating of spring steel, especially in the auto parts industry involving leaf springs or load-bearing spring manufacturing plants. Designed by the professionals at JKZ, our induction heating devices are all well-equipped with the advantages of energy-saving, fast start/stop, 24 hours duty cycle time, high power-point, high automation, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and long use life. Our induction heaters have been widely recognized by customers in the spring steel production industry.

Spring Heating

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