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The Main Components Of Induction Heating Machine

The design and manufacturing requests of an industrialized induction heating machine are usually very complicated. Let us show you the four main functional modules:

Rectification Part of Induction Heating Machine

This part of the induction heating machine is responsible for converting the alternative 50/60HZ current into DC current through the rectifier. Cooperating with the filter capacitor modular calculated by JKZ engineers, the rectification part of an induction heat machine normally offers continuous stable DC current for the followed-up modular.

Converter Part of Induction Heating Machine

The capacitor inverts the DC current into a high-frequency AC current by the MOSFET, IGBT, resonant inductance. The basic frequency is designed according to the applications. For different applications, the choices for the frequencies of the induction heating machines are also different. After the basic frequency confirmed, we need to match it with a different capacitor and inductance. As a professional induction heater manufacturer in China, JKZ offers high-quality induction heaters with different frequencies. Our production line includes high-end high-frequency induction heating machine, machine for medium frequency induction heating, ultra high frequency induction heating machine, etc. 


Output Part of Induction Heating Machine

Usually, we define the coil and transformer of an induction heating power supply as the output part. While the transformer is responsible for changing the high voltage/low current input to a low voltage/high current output, the followed-up coil will form a strong magnetic field to make the heated parts heat efficiently.


Control Part of Induction Heating Machine

This is the brain of the whole machine. Firstly, we are equipped with a hardware environment based on smart semiconductor modules. The use of digital control methods makes the whole machine more efficient and reliable. Using a control chip with DSP as the core can realize multiple functions, such as PWM generation and digital phase-locked loop tracking. The JKZ status monitoring management module on the equipment allows us to track the working status of the main components of the equipment anytime and try our best to protect the core high-cost components in the event of a failure. We have adopted soft-switching technology in the equipment control, which not only greatly improves the operating frequency of the equipment but also effectively reduces the switching loss of power devices.

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