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JKZ Induction Heater for Industrial Uses

  • Induction Heating Machines In Automotive Industry
    Automotive Industry
    The automobile manufacturing industry is the most typical and core application field of JKZ induction heating equipment.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Fastener Manufacturing
    Fastener Manufacturing
    Most of the fastener is formed by hot forging. In the fasteners production process, it has strict requests of the heating speed for the hot forging.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Tube And Pipe Heating
    Tube And Pipe Heating
    Many industries and factories have laid a large number of pipelines inside their factories because of production requirements.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Railway
    The railway industry has a very large demand for induction heating equipment, from small to spikes, rail casting and drawing, and the head/carriage.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Agricultural Equipment
    Agricultural Equipment
    In the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, there are a large number of parts manufacturing.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Wire And Cable
    Wire And Cable
    A lot of cables need to be heat-treated before further processing. There is a lot of request about online heating at a fast speed, etc.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Oil And Gas
    Oil And Gas
    Induction heating equipment can be used in the petroleum industry. It adopts software control and presets the heating curve.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Carbide Production
    Carbide Production
    Hard alloy carbide is an important raw material for cutter heads. Induction heating equipment can braze or conduct hot clamping of the cutter head.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Metal And Foundry
    Metal And Foundry
    Metal melting and forging are an important application of induction heating equipment.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Jewelry And Minting
    Jewelry And Minting
    More and more industries are increasingly demanding industry-specific induction heating equipment.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Shrink Fitting
    Shrink Fitting
    Hot nesting can be used in the bearing manufacturing, shaft workpieces installation and fixation, and the replacement of cutter heads.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Shipbuilding
    The shipbuilding industry contains parts and modules that will use hot forging, such as anchor chain hot forming, surface heat treatment, etc.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Mining
    There are a large number of induction heating equipment in the mining industry, especially in the later product processing process, etc.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Aviation And Aerospace
    Aviation And Aerospace
    Aviation and aerospace are manifestations of high standard industrial capabilities. Induction heating equipment has a lot of applications in this field.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry
    Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry
    In the pharmaceutical and chemical fields, heating is a common process. But, the environment or method of heating is limited.