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The Superiority of Induction Heat Treatment in Terms of Energy Saving

In the 1950s, induction heat treatment began to be used in China, when the process was called "high frequency quenching". This new heat treatment process uses a coil of electromagnetic induction to heat the workpiece quickly to the quenching temperature, which is then quickly cooled, so only the surface layer can obtain quenching tissue.

It has a fast heating speed, better labor conditions, high strength and small deformation of the surface layer, etc., which is soon accepted by heat treatment workers and achieves speedy development.

1. Saving energy in induction heating

The induction heating is fast, which can increase the phase change temperature of metal materials (50 to 100 ℃), accelerating the austenite transformation process. After quenching the surface to get fine cryptocrystalline martensite, the surface hardness is 2 to 3HRC higher than that of general quenching.

Induction heating tempering treatment can take the place of box furnace tempering treatment to save 35% to 50% electricity; induction heating can take the place of carburizing and carbonitriding and other surface hardening treatment to save 80% to 95% electricity; it takes the place of the overall heating quenching in the furnace to save 40% to 50% electricity.

2. Energy saving in the tempering of induction heating parts

The use of induction heating can transfer heat to the outside of quenching layer, and quenching and cooling don't take away all the residual heat and achieve a short tempering, with high energy efficiency, and in many cases (such as high-carbon steel and high-carbon high-alloy steel) can avoid quenching and cracking, while once the process parameters can be determined, mass production can be carried out. Besides, there are many benefits such as significant economic benefits.

3. Energy saving in induction heating equipment

The electricity consumption of induction heat treatment accounts for about 20% to 25% of the total electricity consumption of heat treatment equipment.

The thermal efficiency of electric furnace commonly used in heat treatment in China is generally less than 55%, the quenching of box electric furnace is 30% to 40%, and the high temperature tempering is 40% to 50%.

The carburizing rate of well-type gas carburizing furnace is 7% to 15%, quenching and heating of medium temperature electrode bath furnace is 18% to 25%, well-type tempering furnace tempering is 40% to 60%, and well-type tempering furnace tempering is 40% to 60%.

Thermal efficiency of induction heating furnace: lamp type high frequency furnace is 44% to 60%, machine type medium frequency furnace is 49% to 69%, silicon controlled stationary cross-frequency machine is 57% to 78%.

Using high frequency induction heating DC discharge for carburizing, it can obtain 0.35 to 0.45mm carburizing layer with 0.9% to 1.05% carbon potential on the surface of carburizing layer, which can shorten the production cycle by 10 to 12 times.

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