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Induction Preheating

Pre-weld heat treatment is a common process to reduce welding cracks and reduce welding stress. For welding with certain process requirements, the welding seam and surrounding areas need to be preheated before welding. And this preheating before welding job is always done at the outside field. Thus, there actually exist great demands in the industry for a small-sized flexible pre-heat treatment in welding. More specically, the tool for this kind of preheat treatment must be equipped with an air cooling system ( so that it will not need a water source), a flexible heating cable for different sizes/shapes workpieces, and exact control of the temperature and the heating time. Hence, the induction heating equipment produced by JKZ Electronic is a very suitable heating power source in the pre-weld heat treatment process, especially for oil/gas pipes welding, chemical tank repair and the welding of large-sized special-shaped workpieces. The induction heating power supply can use cables or copper tubes to flexibly wind various heating coils on-site. The length of the cable can be customized according to workpiece dimensions. With the insulation cotton wind at the surface to reduce heat loss, this method of preheating in welding can greatly improve the practicality of the product.

Pre Heat Treatment In Welding

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