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Stone Saw Blade Brazing

In the stone cutters making process, it is necessary to combine the cutter head and the cutter body. Most of the time, manufacturers will use brazing to achieve the purpose of combination. As a mature induction heating machine manufacturer in China, JKZ has already independently developed a small solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment (CX series) that is designed specifically for stone tool head brazing. The coils of this series are designed according to the cutter hard alloy segments dimension. With the help of soldering material (usually copper, silver material which has a lower melting point than the hard alloy), the products in this high frequency induction heater series can perfectly combine the segment and the cutter body together. With a power range from 7.5KW to 30KW, JKZ's CX series high-frequency induction heating equipment is very suitable for the brazing of various workpieces of different sizes. Capable of making power adjustment from 20% to 100%, it is the perfect choice to complete stone tool welding. According to different needs and conditions, CX series equipment has a very good practical performance, and the rated power is enough to easily deal with most stonecutters' brazing and repairing.

Induction Machinery Stone Saw Blade Brazing

Stone Saw Blade Brazing

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