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Application of Induction Heating Equipment in the Current Stage

Application of induction heating equipment

Induction heating equipment is mainly used for overall heat transfer of rough parts at the current stage. Currently, it is applied to induction heating for automobile connecting rods, crankshafts, steering knuckles, etc. The scraper in the coal machine and the chain joint on the mining machine are also shaped by induction heating and forging. Even for units that used gas heating in the past, they have basically been transformed into induction heating through technological improvements.

Challenges in using induction heating equipment

As the users of induction heating device have increasingly higher requirements for forgings, it is not enough for equipment manufacturers to only heat the equipment. They need to dive deep into the user's production management process and solve the various problems that users encounter during forging.

Similarly, the oxide skin produced during the heating process has always been a headache for many users, especially for gear forgings. Many users try various methods to remove the oxide skin. Here are some user experiences: use atmosphere protection, fill nitrogen into the induction furnace as a protective atmosphere to remove the oxide skin; use the flame produced by hydrogen self-ignition at the outlet of the induction furnace to isolate oxygen from entering the induction furnace to remove the oxide skin; some users first heat the rough material to a certain temperature, then spray graphite, and then enter the induction furnace for secondary heating to reach the forging temperature. This process is relatively mature.

Heating of special-shaped parts encountered during user use is also a problem that induction heating equipment manufacturers need to solve, and the design of the sensor is a difficult point. If automation of production needs to be considered, the difficulty is even higher.

How to improve the power of induction heating equipment

The power of a single machine is restricted by its internal conditions, and it is difficult to increase the power beyond a certain level. Therefore, we must think of ways to increase the power through other pathways to meet production needs.

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