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Application of Induction Heating

  • Induction Spring Heating Machines
    Spring Heating
    The induction heating equipment can be used in the auto parts industry involving leaf springs or load-bearing spring manufacturing plants.
  • Induction Pipe And Tube Production Heating Machines
    Pipe And Tube Production
    In the production process of pipelines, basic processes such as thermal deformation, welding, and heat treatment are indispensable.
  • Induction Hardening Heating Machines
    Induction Hardening
    Induction heating equipment can allow workpiece with a diameter up to 2000mm, hardening depth 1-20mm.
  • Induction Annealing And Normalizing Heating Machines
    Induction Annealing And Normalizing
    Of great importance to the heat treatment of the metal workpieces, the induction annealing and induction tempering are two very important induction heating industrial applications.
  • Induction Wire And Cable Heating Machines
    Induction Wire And Cable Heating
    The induction wire and cable heating machines can be used for wire drawing, tempering after production, quenching heat treatment.
  • Induction Preheating Machines
    Induction Preheating
    Pre-weld heat treatment is a common process to reduce welding cracks and reduce welding stress.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
    Induction Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
    Post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) is a stress release process by heating the welded zone after the workpiece is welded, which is an indispensable step to ensure the welding quality.
  • Induction Wooden Carbide Brazing Heating Machines
    Wooden Carbide Brazing
    JKZ independently developed small solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment is designed specifically for the tool head brazing.
  • Induction Stone Saw Blade Brazing Heating Machines
    Stone Saw Blade Brazing
    The coils are designed according to the cutter hard alloy segments dimension, with the help of soldering material (usually copper, silver material which has a lower melting point than the hard alloy), combine the segment and the cutter body together.
  • Induction Lathe Tool Brazing Heating Machines
    Lathe Tool Brazing
    The induction heating equipment is mainly used for brazing tool heads and hot fitting tools.
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Induction Melting Heating Machines
    Non-Ferrous Metal Induction Melting
    The induction melting furnace is widely used in the melting of non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass, Aluminum.
  • Induction Steel Melting Heating Machines
    Steel Melting
    JKZ focuses on the small smelting furnace, capacity range from of 15KG to 500KG to meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers for steel smelting.
  • Induction Precious Metal Melting Heating Machines
    Precious Metal Melting
    Induction heating equipment's feature of rapid heating, environmental protection and energy-saving just meet the requirements of the process.
  • Induction Shrink Fitting Heating Machines
    Induction Shrink Fitting
    In the industrial mechanical manufacturing process, it is often necessary to assemble and disassemble other metal accessories on the shaft /sleeves workpiece.