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Induction Heating Machines In Shipbuilding

The shipbuilding industry contains thousands of processes, with thousands of parts and modules. These parts and modules will use hot forging, such as anchor chain hot forming, surface heat treatment, marine crankshaft surface hardening, hot fitting for assembling and disassemble and other processes in the manufacturing process, even low-temperature heating for deck paint removal, etc. JKZ provides water cooling type induction heating machines for the forging heating, induction hardening, annealing, tempering, and induction brazing with power up to 600KW, frequency 1-120KHZ for different dimension and heating technical requirements. As a professional induction heating machine manufacturer, we also sell air cooling type induction heater with power up to 50KW and handhold flexible cables, length up to 20 meters. This air cooling induction heating device is suitable for the remote working area where the power supply is far away, such as the deck paint removal. Because of its fast heating efficiency and convenience, induction heating equipment is now playing an essential role in many processes in the shipbuilding industry.

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