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The Working Principle and Advantages of Induction Heater

Induction heater, as the name suggests, is a machine for heating. It is not heated by traditional fire, but heated by high-frequency alternating current. But it is different from traditional heating, and it is much faster than traditional heating. (The machine can heat up to about one thousand degrees Celsius in a few seconds). Its characteristic is that the surface of the heated object is very hot and the temperature rises quickly. But the temperature inside rises slowly. This feature makes it very well used in the field of metal surface quenching.

Let's introduce induction heater how it works in detail for you.

Induction heaters are also called induction heating equipment, which are widely used in machinery manufacturing, welding, and pipe manufacturing. When it works, it uses alternating current to generate an electromagnetic field. When we put the metal original into the device, this electromagnetic field will affect the metal original's own magnetic field, causing a magnetic vortex inside the metal original. In this way, the molecules begin to become active, which in turn heats up the metal workpiece rapidly.

Its heating effect is related to the size of the current, the size of the magnetic field, and the frequency of the magnetic field. (I need to remind everyone here that only the original metal can be heated, because only the metal inside has this kind of magnetic field.) Finally, since the heater itself is also made of metal, the device itself will also generate heat, so at the end, cooling water is required for the machine to cool down.

So what are the advantages of induction heaters?

Advantage 1: Energy saving.

If we want to heat a large mechanical original, we don't need to heat the entire original. We only heat the part to achieve energy saving effect.

Advantage 2: Fast speed.

Compared with traditional heating, it has a heating speed that can not be imagined by traditional heating methods. It can complete the heating work in a few seconds.

Advantage 3: Multiple functions.

The induction heater can achieve the effect of one machine with multiple functions. It can not only heat-treat the original, but also complete the work such as smelting and welding.

Advantage 4: Convenience.

The machine is ready to use and does not require preheating and other operations, which saves time.

Advantage 5: green and environmental protection.

Electricity has always been a clean energy source, and it has no secondary pollution. And it is very safe and reliable, which improves the quality of the work space.

Environmental protection and energy saving are the requirements of the world. The induction heater conforms to this trend, so we believe that it will have a broader space for development in the future.

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