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Induction Shrink Fitting

In the industrial mechanical manufacturing process, it is often necessary to assemble and disassemble other metal accessories on the shaft /sleeves workpiece. These accessories are generally assembled and disassembled by thermal expansion, such as the installation and disassemble of bearings, shafts, sleeves, tubes, hard alloy parts and the hot fitting of CNC machine tool heads, etc. The unique precision heating effect of shrink fit heater provides an excellent solution for the hot fitting process. JKZ Electronics' induction heating machine coil can be designed exactly according to the various metal workpiece shape and dimension. Our induction shrink fit heater can accurately control the output power according to heating speed needs. It allows the heating exactly focus on the target heating zone. Because of the induction heating special features, in the process of hot fitting, more and more factories use induction heating technology as a means of installation and disassemble. As one of the professional industrial induction heater manufacturers in China, JKZ offers high-end shrink fit heaters that can quickly and conveniently heat the target area required by customers.

Shrink Fit Heater

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