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Induction Heating Machine Can Solve the Defects of Workpiece

In using an induction heating machine for surface hardening of a workpiece, if the workpiece fails or is defective, do you know how to solve these problems?

1. Induction heating machine solves workpiece defects

Many surface hardening defects of workpieces can be used to compensate. Using alternating current, the intermediate frequency power supply of the induction heating machine is wound into a toroidal conductor (usually a copper tube) to generate a magnetic flux, and the metal is placed in it. The magnetic flux passes through the metal body to generate a current in the direction corresponding to the magnetic flux ( rotating current). This nest current generates heat, and this heating method is the heating method of an induction heating machine.

In this way, heated objects such as metals can be heated in a non-contact state. At this time, the characteristic of the socket current is that the inside of the induction heating device on the surface of the object close to the coil is weak. Using this principle, the necessary parts of the heated body are heated to achieve the relative generation of instantaneous heating, and the workload is increased.

2. Reasons for insufficient hardness of the workpiece processed by induction heating

The surface power of the induction heating unit is low, the heating time is short, and the gap between the heating surface and the induction heating machine is too large, which reduces the induction heating temperature. There are more insoluble ferrites in the quenched structure. The time interval from the end of heating to the beginning of cooling is too long. Short spraying time, insufficient spraying liquid supply or low spraying pressure and slow cooling rate of quenching medium result in the appearance of non-martensitic structure such as troostite in the structure.

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