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Induction Heating Machines In Wire And Cable

A lot of cables need to be heat-treated before further processing. There is a lot of request about the online induction heating wire with fast speed, different temperature range, accurate power output, and temperature control on small diameter wires; thus, a precision heating method is a must for the wire and cable industries. To solve this problem, the induction heating equipment with the feature of a high degree of automation operation has made its entance. In order to assist factories in producing high-quality induction heating wires, JKZ's induction heating machines all have the characteristics of flexible setting of time, temperature and power, accepting remote control of start/stop, flexible power adjustment, long working time (24 hours working/day), fast power output, high heating efficiency, and fast machine shutdown according to the temperature control signal. With accurate temperature control, JKZ's induction heating machine is very suitable for the heating of wires and cables during the heat treatment. Whether it is annealing straightening or post-quenching, JKZ has rich experience. Whether you need to heat the wire or just heat it as thick as rebar, we can always provide you with a complete solution, and we can also cooperate with other suppliers to provide you with complete equipment for online heating of steel wires or steel bars. Different sizes of billet heating require different frequencies and powers. JKZ's induction heating equipment family covers the frequency range of 1-120KHz, which can be greatly adapted to customer needs.

Induction Heating Wire

Induction Heating Wire

Related Induction Heating Machines Offered By JKZ

  • CX2030C 50-120KHZ 30KVA 23A High Frequency Induction Heating Machine CX2030C CX series full solid state induction heating generator is designed to work at the frequency range of 50~120KHz and output power range 7.5KW~30KW. It is suitable for brazing and quenching heating of sm...
  • SWS-40A 15-30KHZ 40KW 60A Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine SWS-40A SWS series induction heater, JKZ designed a full digital control induction heating generator at the frequency range of 15~30KHz. It is designed with a maximum single machine power of 250KW and integra...
  • MFS-400A 1-8KHZ 400KW 610A Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine MFS-400A MFS series induction heating power supply adopts IGBT as the core component. The output frequency of the equipment is 1~10KHz, and the single machine power is up to 600kw (3Phases~380v).It is suitable...

Other Induction Heating Applied Industries

  • Induction Heating Machines In Tube And Pipe Heating Tube And Pipe Heating Many industries and factories have laid a large number of pipelines inside their factories because of production requirements.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Shipbuilding Shipbuilding The shipbuilding industry contains parts and modules that will use hot forging, such as anchor chain hot forming, surface heat treatment, etc.
  • Induction Heating Machines In Mining Mining There are a large number of induction heating equipment in the mining industry, especially in the later product processing process, etc.