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The Main Purposes of Induction Quenching of Mechanical Parts

1. Induction quenching can improve the wear resistance of the surface of the part

Induction quenching was originally applied to the surface of the crankshaft journal. Its purpose was to ensure the toughness of the workpiece as much as possible while improving the wear resistance of the workpiece (journal surface). In the past, the crankshaft was quenched and tempered, and Induction quenching made the crankshaft journal wear-resistant greatly improved.

2. Induction quenching can improve the fatigue strength of parts

The further application of induction quenching is to improve the fatigue strength of quenched parts, such as automobile half-shafts. Take EQ1092 automobile half-shafts as an example. Under ±3000N•M torsional load, the fatigue test is 2 million times, and it is still intact, and the original adjustment is used. Quality technology, the fatigue life of the half shaft is less than 300,000 times.

3. Induction quenching can reduce distortion

Due to the long process time of carburized gears, the distortion after quenching is large; while the induction quenching of gears, especially synchronous dual frequency (SDF) gear quenching, has short process time and small distortion, which improves gear accuracy and reduces noise.

4. Induction quenching can save energy, material, labor and environmental protection

Use low-hardenability steel to manufacture gears and other parts, and induction harden them with induction quenching machines. First of all, the steel has no alloying elements, which saves material costs; induction heating is local heating and quenching, which takes a short time, so it is greatly energy-saving; induction quenching can realize automated online production, which saves labor without oil pollution or no harmful gas emissions, and more environmental protection.

5. Induction quenching can replace deep carburizing

Deep carburizing is a process with long cycle and high power consumption. In recent years, induction quenching has been successfully developed internationally to replace deep carburization, and good results have been achieved.

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